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240 Volt Inverter Welder Digital Readout 230 Volt Inverter Arc/tig Welder with Digital Readout Sale Price: $499.98   Eligible for free shipping! Description overall size 16'L X 7" W x 13-3/8"H power plug not included DIGITAL READOUT Welds low-Carbon steel Low Alloy Steel Stainless steel Copper Metals Features 230... Read More About The Digital Readout Inverter Welder...

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Inverter Welder Inverter Welder

Why You Should Consider An Inverter Welder If you are looking for in home or take anywhere welding solutions, an inverter welder is a great choice.  Because of their smaller size when compared to traditional welders, you can far more easily cart them around from place to place.  Plus, an inverter welder will normally run off regular  110 volt or 120 volt current as opposed to 220 or 240 volts, for example.  The flexibility that this type of welder gives you allows you to get at smaller places, eliminating the need of an industrial generator (in most cases) and increasing overall energy efficiency. Though many of the high volume professionals prefer traditional welders for their simplicity and variety, they are certainly quite a bit more difficult to move around.  The inverter welder, on the other hand, is ideal for the advanced DIYer who doesn’t have non-stop welding projects lined up and great for the professional who needs a portable complement to his work horse shop based welder.  Either way, the good news is that there are loads of great choices on the market, independent of needs and personal budget. Inverter Welder Options For work around the home at a great price, how about considering the Chicago Electric 80 Amp inverter arc welder.  This is perfect for some of the smaller building or repair jobs.  With the hot start mechanism, start your welding instantly.  At less than 8 pounds, this model is ideal for welding on the move.  The anti-stick feature allows for easy electrodes separation while avoiding the red-hot effect.  Ground clamp, carrying strap and holder for the electrode make this little unit safe and easy to move.   Get to welding for just $150.00 Get a little more power with the Century Tool 120 inverter welder model K2789-1.  This 120 DC stick welder comes in at under 10 pounds and can be connected to  your regular 120 volt home outlet.  You’ll be able to easily weld up to ¼ inch steel.  Included in this kit are the work clamp, 10 foot cable, holder for the electrode and owners manual for 1-2-3 usage tips, pointers and instructions.  Look for sales on this item that see it priced below $250.00 with a great deal of frequency. The Inverter Welder For More Demanding Work For even more demanding work, take a hard look at the Draper 43954 (AW222AT) 240V MMA/Tig  150 amp inverter welder.  With more power you still get portability and minimal power consumption for both MMA and TIG welding.  Hot starting, antistick feature and protection against thermal overload make this unit reliable and ranks high on safety.  The shoulder strap makes for easy carrying.   The 2 meter length cable gives you room to work.  This is still a bargain at around $350.00. While this is a nice inverter welder sampling, don’t forget to look at other brands like Hobart, Lincoln Electric, and Miller Electric for some high end welding options.  Once you determine the scope of your work, you can... Read More

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